9 September 2012

Bent, please read this! :')

Assalamuailaikum.. Hm, Idk what I should to say? I just think about you and I never think about my self. Until I'm feel so pain. :'( You know right that I really love you, bent? Hummm, sorry if I can't be perfect for you.. :') I know many girl who chase you!!! Sometimes I feel so stupid :'( hmm, please appreciate me :'( I only want LOVE and ATTENTION from you,bent!!! :'( Hmm, I'm sorry because sometimes I like is angry with you.. I just want you to persuade me. Bent, please forgive me for all my behavior that you do not like. I do this because I too LOVE you. Just for you, Syahrul Nabil. Hmmm :( Bent, only this way that I can prove to you that I really love you. I'm sorry, I was not able to do with that special way to prove that ILOVEYOU! :') Please appreciate me? Hmmm bye.